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Peter the Great – The Russia Augustus

Peter the Great was the Augustus of the Russian Empire. He single-handily moved the Russian people out of their dark Oriental age to an age where they joined the European community. The Turks and the Swedes tried and ultimately failed to bring him to his knees. He learned from mistakes and rarely made the same one twice. To follow this great man through my podcasts start here and start with Episode 27 – Peter Likes to Play War.

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Welcome to the Russian Rulers History Blog Site!!!

Welcome to all my loyal listeners and those who haven’t yet listened to my podcast, Russian Rulers History. I started this journey in April of 2010 and have gone way beyond where I thought it would be. Back then I thought I would get through Russian history in just 50-60 episodes but it is already over 100 strong.

Instead of ending the podcast with Vladimir Putin, I will extend things well beyond that as I will leave the rulers and start concentrating on events and people who contributed to the glorious history of Russia. Join me here and at my podcast site which you can reach here, or you can join our growing group on Facebook at the Russian Rulers History Podcast group.

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